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About Us - StringVibes

At Stringvibes, passion drives us to work- To inspire the next generations. We truly believe that music warms the soul of many and inspires them to achieve greater heights. We aim to increase the need for achievement in the younger generation through music by equipping them with the required skills based on the Associate Board of Royal Music(ABRSM)'s criteria and with reference to music conservatories's characteristics

StringVibes Private Home Violin lessons

Stringsvibe private 1-to-1 lessons to you at the comfort of your home. Now you can save time and energy on travelling and focus more on learning the instrument. Our team of versatile teachers teach students from ages 4 to adult learners. 

StringVibes Violin Group lessons

One of the cheaper options for parents who are unsure of their child's commitment, our group classes are kept small to ensure that teachers and students are able to interact well and the lessons are delivered in the most effective way possible. Based on our observations, students that join group classes tend to develop higher interests and are more motivated to practice more on their own. Talk to us to know more about our violin classes!

StringVibes  Violin Ensemble Lessons

StringsVibe ensemble lessons prepares our students for public performances opportunities and our very own biennial concert. Our students have enjoyed the ensemble lessons and are more motivated to practice as they get to interact and play with other students as well. 

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