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Beautify your child's life through music.

Your child could be the next Mozart! Here at StringVibes, we believe that every child has the ability to learn music. With the correct guidance and encouragement, learning the violin will be a breeze! Call us for a free assessment today!


Start your journey with us today with our team of patient and inspiring teachers!


Practice makes perfect. Inculcate discipline and perseverance in your child today through learning music.

Spread the joy

"First character, then ability"- Shinichi Suzuki, musician, philosopher and educator. To encourage character growth, StringsVibe organises Christmas celebration for the elderly annually and we get our students to participate. 


 StringVibes Ensemble Sessions

Stringvibes ensemble sessions aims to provide our students a platform to shine and a break away from the exam syllabus - a place where every individual is able to musically express themselves apart from going after the graded exams. Here, students get to learn to play together with each other as an ensemble rather than an individual and better prepare them for public performances whenever opportunity arrives. Parents are highly recommended to let their child join the ensemble as most of the students who have joined the ensemble sessions have displayed an elevated level of motivation to practice on their own.

Stringvibes ensemble sessions is also open to students who already have basic proficiency in playing the violin.

Sign up now or contact at +65 89213395 for more information!

Check out some of our young musicians here!
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