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Be an Inspiration today

Passionate about teaching music? You've come to the right place. Join us as a Music Teacher today to inspire the world and introduce them to our world of beauty.

Do you share the same passion to teach like we do? If yes, We need to talk.

"Music begins where the possibilities of language end." -Jean Sibelius

Here at StringVibes, we strongly believe that music creates joy and inspiration. Let us help you take away the challenges of a private music teacher and establish a more sustainable career in music teaching. 


We Want You

It's not just another job, it is a sacred duty. We're looking for individuals who possess the following quality.


Passion goes a long way in this career. We are looking for committed individuals who enjoys inspiring through music.

Minimum requirement

Applicants should posses a minimum of Grade 8 Abrsm or equivalent.


Teachers are encouraged to employ creative and engaging methods to deliver the necessary skills to the students.


Music instructors must maintain a healthy communication with the students.



Enjoy work-life balance working as a private music teacher as you set the number of hours you want to work.

sustainable income

Earn a stable income and focus on inspiring others through music. Our teachers are able to earn full time living through our pool of students.



After a student has been referred to you, it does not end there. We work closely with our teachers to understand their challenges and extend our help as much as possible. Talk to us to know more. 


 Be sure to receive high job satisfaction when you see your patience and efforts translate into results.

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