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Beautify your child's life through music.

Your child could be the next Mozart! Here at StringVibes, we believe that every child has the ability to learn music. With the correct guidance and encouragement, learning the violin will be a breeze! Call us for a free assessment today!


Start your journey with us today with our team of patient and inspiring teachers!


Practice makes perfect. Inculcate discipline and perseverance in your child today through learning music.

Spread the joy

"First character, then ability"- Shinichi Suzuki, musician, philosopher and educator. To encourage character growth, StringsVibe organises Christmas celebration for the elderly annually and we get our students to participate. 

Play a Tune with us!

Private Lessons

Private 1-to-1 lessons for young children and adults, Violin Lessons for Kids Singapore. Our teachers will travel to your house at your convenience.

Group Lessons

Stringvibes group lessons is one of the cheapest violin lessons, Violin Class for Adults Singapore available here. Talk to us to know more about our packages!

Ensemble sessions

Music is all about fun and inspiration. Join our ensemble classes and let your child experience a world of beauty and harmony.Talk to us and find out more.

Music Theory Class

Enhance your child's musical knowledge and sight reading with our music theory classes. Our class size are kept small to ensure that the knowledge is effectively delivered. 


Violin Lessons at home - Build up your child's confidence and perserverence through our bienniel students' concert and public performances.

Results speak for itself. Here at StringVibes, we believe that with love and patience, our students can achieve greater heights in the musical world.


“Mr Guo has been teaching our three boys for over 6 years since they were 7yo and 4yo for the older two and we waited another 2 years before starting the youngest at 4yo. He has worked seemlessly among the three boys, varying his approach whether he’s introducing an instrument, cultivating a love for it, improving technique and/or bringing them to the next level. Boys can go through phases where they can be silly and easily distracted, but he persisted with them in a loving, friendly manner, not a severe or shaming one. I can’t tell you how rare that is! We would have loved to take Mr Guo with us to New York! Our boys are now 14yo, 11yo and 9yo and they are all still playing the violin! Thanks to Mr. Guo, the violin is now their own passion and interest!"

—  Elizabeth Yong

Start your musical journey now!

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