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Violin Classes Singapore

Private 1-to-1 Violin lesson for kids

Play A Tune

Add colors to your life through music! Pick up an instrument and come play a tune with us! Sign up now for a free assessment.

Tailored lessons

From beginners to advanced players, young children to adults, we have qualified teachers to cater to the varying levels of learning. Talk to us to know more!

Performance Opportunities

Share the joy of music through our biennial students' concert or community events. 


Here at StringVibes, we believe a strong communication is important. Therefore we constantly get feedbacks from both parents and teachers to ensure a healthy teacher-learner relationship.

StringVibes-Violin Lessons at Home


Termed as the 'Queen' of musical instruments, the violin is one of the popular instruments among children and adult learners.

Our team of qualified violin teacher at home will help you achieve your goals be it going for graded exams or for leisure. One of the most well received methods we adopt here is the Suzuki's violin method that has been around since the mid-20th century.For more advanced players, StringVibes uses a music conservatory inspired materials to enhance the student's skills. Lessons are offered both in groups and private singapore.

Ensemble Sessions

Best Violin Teacher Singapore -StringVibes ensemble lessons prepares students for public performances such as festive community celebrations held by the Peoples' Association and our very own biennial students' concert. Here, students are able to interact with each other and able to play

Music Theory

Here at StringVibes,other than the practical aspect of learning an instrument, we aim to provide students with a holistic music knowledge by enhancing them music theory lessons. Talk to us to know more about our affordable music theory class lessons and Violin Classes for Kids Singapore.  

Public performance with the PA
Community Celebration with Emeritus Senior Minister
StringVibes Private Violin lesson

“Mr Guo has been teaching our three boys for over 6 years since they were 7yo and 4yo for the older two and we waited another 2 years before starting the youngest at 4yo. He has worked seemlessly among the three boys, varying his approach whether he’s introducing an instrument, cultivating a love for it, improving technique and/or bringing them to the next level. Boys can go through phases where they can be silly and easily distracted, but he persisted with them in a loving, friendly manner, not a severe or shaming one. I can’t tell you how rare that is! We would have loved to take Mr Guo with us to New York! Our boys are now 14yo, 11yo and 9yo and they are all still playing the violin! Thanks to Mr. Guo, the violin is now their own passion and interest!"

—  Elizabeth Yong


StringVibes Violin Lesson

Nurture. Inspire. Music. Whether you are learning for leisure or planning to take music exams by the Associate Board of Royal Music or by Trinity college London, Stringvibes will provide you with the necessary skills. From kids as young as 4 years old to working adults, our private  home violin lessons will help you save time on travelling and focus more on learning as our teachers will travel to your place at your convenient time. For parents who are unsure of child’s interests, we recommend that they start with our  group violin lessons first where our classes are kept small and interactive. Violin rental is also available for students who would like to try out a few lessons before committing to one. Check out our violin lessons page to know more about what we do for our students!

One of the popular methods used by our teachers is the Suzuki’s method that has been around since the mid-twentieth century.  At Stringvibes, However, we do not restrict to  just one method of delivering the lessons as our lessons are planned according to the student’s aptitude for learning.

Mastering the violin is a challenging task. To effectively facilitate our students in this musical journey, Stringvibes offers teachers who are patient and encouraging, together with a performing platform such as our biennial students’ concert and community performances hosted by the P.A. Students are also encouraged to join our ensemble lessons once they have acquired basic playing proficiency to further encourage them to be more independent and motivated when they practice on their own. Embark on this musical journey with us now!

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